Why are the Gili Islands becoming so popular?

There is a relationship between the rise in popularity in Balinese tourism and the popularity in tourists heading over to the Gili Islands. They are both increasing at a rapid rate. There are many reasons for this but the Gili Islands growth is actually quite frenetic. From a sleepy 3 island getaway, the Gili’s is now on a lot of travellers to do list. No longer are the Gili Islands just the domain of the back packer looking for a cheaper alternative to Bali, they are now home to some fabulous family friendly resorts, villa and hotels where tourists are streaming in en masse.

So why are these small group of islands off the coast of Lombok so popular?

# 1. They are just incredibly beautiful and travellers that love nature, especially marine life are going to fall in love with the place. There are numerous outstanding diving spots that are world class and this attracts many people. Sure bali has some great diving but the Gilis’ tales it to another level of pristine aquatic beauty.

# 2. Most people that come to the islands are from Bali. They take the fast boat to the Gilis from Sanur and are there in less than 2 hours. I would say a huge contributing factor in the rise of Gilis popularity is it’s close proximity to Bali.

# 3. It’s so close to Bali which makes it an easy decision to escape the hectic pace set by Bali for a few days. Let’s be honest here Bali is somewhat over crowded and traffic jams can be a total nightmare. The noise, pollution and competition for the best villas can be a bit of a hassle and ruin ones holiday where as The Gili’s are the exact opposite. I mean you couldn’t have 2 locations that are so close but world’s apart. Let me give you 1 example that should hammer the point home. There are no cars or motor bikes allowed on the Gili’s. That’ right! Whereas Bali has millions of scooters all chocking up the roads, there is not 1 single engine on any of the 3 islands ( Trawangan, Meno or Air). This is a major factor in the rise of popularity on the Gilis. Just imagine an island where there are no cars or bikes – this is why so many people come here. They all want to experience the same thing – peace, quiet and serenity.

# 4. There are some really top hotels, resorts and villas that are all reasonably priced. To add to this most of them are on the beach front. Ideal tropical getaways right on the beach, catering for all tastes and budgets put the Gilis high on any travellers bucket list. If your a back packer you can stay in a really great bungalow that’s fully air conditioned with it’s own pool for less that $50 per night and have beach front views. Alternatively, if your coming here as a family there are heaps of hotels, villas & bungalows on Trawangan all catering to families wanting their share of holiday paradise. All you need to do is search this website and see the amazing amount of fabulous hotels, resorts and villas.

# 5: If you enjoy a bit of night life then Trawangan definitely caters for this. It’s mainly for the younger market ( in their 20’s) with cheap booze and very loud music. There are a few bars in the main part of town which will not impact on those people craving peace and quiet.

# 6: There are so many great restaurants and cafes dotted around the islands where you can enjoy delicious, fresh seafood on the beach. If there is 1 thing that the Gili Islands does not have a shortage of, it’s top beach side restaurants. Most of them are on the beach which means you don’t have to travel far or get a taxi or get stuck in traffic jams. Here it’s all about convenience and doing as little as possible. This is why the place is now so very popular. It’s the laid back lifestyle that everyone is searching for. So when you have had enough of Bali and you want to really chill out get over tho the Gilis! We3 can promise you 1 thing, you are going to love the whole experience. Give it a try, even if it’s for a couple of days.