Which is the best Gili Island for Backpackers?

All 3 Gili Islands are great for backpackers. They all offer something unique and have their own identity. They are all stunning and they are all back packer friendly. The question should really be what do you want out of your Gili Island holiday experience and which is the best island for this?

It’s probably easier id we look at the 3 islands individually ans see what they offer for back packers.

Gili Trawangan

This is the main tourist island and if you mention the word Gili’s to any backpacker the first thing they will say is Trawangan. Every body knows this place as it’s really where it all began. Trawangan has got the most resorts, has the most restaurants and the largest amount of bars and venues to go out at night. For most back packers this ticks all the boxes.

There is really cheap accommodation right on the beach where you can stay in an air conditioned bungalow with a pool for less than $50 per night ( this rate will depend on the season and peak periods). Plus there are heaps of really cool little restaurants on the beach where you can grab a local Indonesian meal for less than $10.

On top of this we all know that the majority of backpackers like to go out for a few drinks and night and meet other people. Trawangan has so many small bars in a concentrated area that you can party every night. There are even full moon parties and boat charter parties to cater for the backpackers who want to spend their days and nights drinking.

So taking all this information and putting it together we can see why Gili Trawangan is such a great place for young travellers who are on a tight budget.

Gili Meno and Gil Air

I am going to put these 2 other islands together as they are really identical and offer the same type of holiday experience. If your they type of backpacker that wants to be entertained 24/7 then don’t bother coming here. You need to stay on Trawangan ( and even that during the day is chilled out and mellow).

Air and Meno are all about the water, marine life, snorkelling, scuba diving and staying on the beach and relaxing. If your into that and want to escape from the ‘backpacker scene’, then these 2 little gems of an island are going to be just what you wanted. They offer the backpacker/traveller an exotic island escape, a place where you can literally do nothing the whole day except hang on the beach with your friends.

There is ample really cheap accommodation where you can get a room for the night in a clean and comfortable bungalow for less than $40. I’m sure there are cheaper places but you need to do your research to suss out the best hotel and bungalow deals. This website is powered by the booking.com engine so you will be able to search for the cheapest accommodation online and book a room very quickly.

In terms of nightlife there’s a few beach front bars where you can mingle and hang out over a few beers but it’s no where near as crazy as Trawangan. In fact it’s probably quite boring here at5 night for most backpackers. If your coming from Kuta, Legian, Seminyak Bali and need to get away from the nigh time scene and stay away from the alcohol then make sure you stay on Air and Meno and do not go to Trawangan. Air and Meno is great to detox, get fit and healthy again before you go back to Bali or any other place your off to.

In terms of room prices you can get a good deal on all 3 islands. Just book in advance online.