Will my hotel and villa reservation be confirmed once I make my booking online?

Your booking is instant and you will receive an email confirmation. You can book now and pay later. Our website uses the booking.com engine so your reservation is 100% secure and safe.

Can I cancel my hotel booking?

Yes you can at any time, but make sure you check with your hotels and villa cancellation rules

Can I book my Gili Island hotel room without a credit card?

Most hotels and require a (valid) credit card to guarantee a booking. Make sure your credit card is valid.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

You can book your hotel room now and pay later so you don’t need a deposit.

How many hotels do you have in the Gili Islands

There is a huge range of hotels and villas and all you need to do is search by entering Gili Islands in the search box at the top of the page. This will take you to the booking engine and from there you can see that we have hundreds of great hotels and villas all over the Gili Islands.

Is breakfast included with hotel room rate?

You will have to ask your hotel about this and check the inclusions with your room package.

How far are the Gili Islands from Bali?

To get to the Gili Islands from Bali you need to take a fast boat. There are many tour operators that will sell you a ticket and they leave from either Padang Bai or Serangan in Bali. The trip is 90 minutes and will set you back roughly Rp 600 000.

How do you get between the 3 islands: Trawangan, Meno and Air?

There are boats that run between the islands daily. Each island has a harbour area where the boats arrive and depart from. Your hotel, resort of villa complex will be able to organise all inter island transfers for you.

Is there any nightlife on the islands?

If you want to party then Gili Trawanagan is the main island to do this. The other 2 islands, although they do have some cool little beach bars, nightlife there is really quiet and chilled out. Trawangan has all  the bars and full moon parties.

Are their ATM's on the islands

Yes there are and they are all safe to use. Trawangan being the most popular island for tourists has the most ATM’s.

Can I rent snorkel equipment on the Gili's?

If you don’t have any snorkel equipment there are heaps of places where you can rent a mask and fins. Your hotel should be the first place you ask as they pretty much all have water sports equipment.

Where is the best scuba diving on the Gili Islands?

All 3 islands are great for scuba diving and they all have their own best spots. They all have dive schools and dive resorts where boats will take you out to the reef where they think are the best dive spots are for that day (whether conditions and tides may affect diving areas). No matter where you go in the Gili Islands the scuba diving is sensational.

What's transportation like on the Gili Islands?

We will buy you your first Bintang beer if you can see any cars or motor bikes on any of the 3 islands. You main mode of transport is push bike or by horse and cart. Having said all this, this islands are small and most places are within walking distance so you really don’t need a car. It’s absolutely amazing coming from the traffic jams of Bali to Gili where there are zero cars. Bike hire is roughly Rp 50 000 or $5 per day.

How do I know this site is trustworthy?

Because we use the booking engine booking.com (as our affiliate partner) which is well known world wide as being a reputable and trustworthy hotel booking platform

What's a better family holiday Bali or the Gili Islands?

Both are fantastic but Bali tens to be more crowded, especially in the southern parts. If your looking for a really relaxed and more chilled out holiday destination for the family then we would recommend either Gili Air or Meno – these are far less crowded and untouched by tourism.