Gili Trawangan

Fantastic restaurants on Gili Trawangan

There are heaps of really good, healthy places to eat, cafes and restaurants on Gili Trawangan. Most of them are in the main part of town or dotted along the beachfront.

The issue with eating on Gili Trawangan is actually telling the difference between restaurants. They tend to pretty much all look the same. Use this guide as a starting point for the best eats on Trawangan. There are enough here to get you started.

 Ko Ko Mo

We have tried this place and all we can say is it’s awesome – give it a go! You can dine under the stars with the warm tropical night air breeze. It’s on the beach so all you need to do is relax and let the atmosphere take over. Al fresco dining is the way to go on this island. The menu is fantastic as well, with fresh seafood and great tuna steaks. This place can be a bit pricey when you compare it to other restaurants on Trawangan, but you are getting seriously good food with an incredible ambiance.

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Pearl Beach Lounge

Pearl Beach Lounge is a perfect setting for a beach side romantic dinner. The traditional bamboo structure simply adds to the ambiance. The menu has finger food as well as local Indonesian & Western dishes that are wonderful. Make sure you are here for sunset cocktails as they mix a mean mojito here.

The vibe here is all about relaxing, taking your time and enjoying the surroundings. Eat on a lounge chair or sit at the table. It’s all about making you more comfortable and extending the beach vibe to the restaurant.

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Kafe Kecil

Being in Trawangan is all about letting go of the city life and slowly melting into he tropical, laid back easy going rhythms of life all at a very slow pace. When it comes to eating out in Kafe Kecil in Gili Trawangan, the same applies. You get great food in a relaxed, no frills atmosphere all at very cheap prices. The food is local style Indonesian and it’s served fresh.

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Il Pirata

If you like hot pizza cooked in a traditional pizza oven then Il Pirata is the place to go o. Wood fired pizza ovens get going early and you  ca enjoy the tastiest pizzas the whole day. The place gets really busy most nights as the food is so good. Everyone heads here. Italian restaurants serving yummy pizzas and pastas are always a winner on holiday.

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The famous night market

You cannot beat a night market. Hands down they are the best fun and usually have really good food. They are cheap and you get to mix it with the locals have some fun and eat for less than $5 per dish. The night markets at Trawangan is no exception. Lot’s of tasty local Indonesian food served with a smile. The markets get crowded so if you are going there with a large group yo might have to wait.

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Green Beans

You are going to love the menu here. Plus the portions are huge and the prices are low. If you like your healthy salads for lunch then head over here. Nothing better than a light salad for lunch to save room for dinner.

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The Yoga Place

Most people are here to do the Yoga but it’s well worth a visit for the healthy eating options and yummy juices. It’s opposite La Boheme backpackers so it’s fairly central. If your not into yoga perhaps give it a try while you are there.

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Ryoshi Japanese Restaurant

If you love your sushi then this place is a must. The fish is fresh, the quality is fantastic and the sashimi / Teriyaki dishes are awesome.

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Tir Na Nog Irish bar

This is where most people go to and it’s easy to find – it’s on the main strip. Laid back, no frills but great food. There is a massive BBQ and if you are in the mood, try the pies with mash and gravy.

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Eating out in Gili Trawangan is simple enough. Most cases, it’s just a matter of walking around and stopping at the first place that looks decent. Over all the food is pretty good, healthy and safe. If you are staying in a resort, hotel or villa complex most of these will have their own in house restaurants. The majority of these restaurants will be on the beach which is perfect. In a lot of cases you really don’t have to go too far from your resort as the island is small and distance between eating places is only 10 or so minutes away. If you love Indonesian food – you are going to love dining out in the Gili’s.