Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is famous for 4 things: partying, snorkelling, scuba diving and doing absolutely nothing…which one are you?

To help you find out we have listed a whole range of fun activities for you do, for those lucky enough to be spending time on Gili Trawangan.

# 1 Go for a Scuba Dive

This is a no-brainer. If you are Padi Certified, get out there. If not there are scuba diving schools on Trawangan where you can learn to dive. The sea life here is absolutely sensational so make sure you do not miss this experience.


# 2 Go for a snorkel

This is so easy to do. Grab the nearest snorkel and a set of fins and get off your towel and hit the water. Most of the sea life is about 20-30 metres off shore. This is probably where you are going to spend most of your time. In  and out of the water.


# 3 Walk / cycle around the island

Give yourself a day to go around the island. You can do it by foot or by bike. Most of the hotels and resorts will have bikes to rent. It’s a great way to spend a day if you get bored of lazing around on the beach.

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# 4 Visit the other 2 islands

Twice each day you can get a boat from Trawangan to Meno or Air. The boat departs Trawangan at 9.30am and you can expect to return late in the afternoon. Prices are really cheap and it’s between Rp 20 000 – Rp 25 000 depending on how far you go. You can purchase tickets from where the boats depart from at the harbour area. This is cheaper than buying it from a local vendor or travel agent as they do get a commission and will add this to the price of the ticket.

If you prefer you can charter a boat if you are travelling with a large group – more than 8 people. This is so much better and a lot quicker. Costs are upwards of Rp 300 000 for the boat.

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# 5 SUP & Kayak

Try stand up paddling or SUP. You can rent SUP’s on Trawangan. Take your mask so you can have a snorkel around if you see something interesting, It’s a great way to see the island. Kayaking is also another great water sport here and you can rent these as well. Just look around there are heaps of places renting everything from SUP’s, Kayaks and even snorkelling gear.


# 6 Fishing & BBQ time

Organise a fishing boat to take you out and catch some fresh fish for dinner. The guide will set the BBQ up on the beach and even cook it for you. Nothing gets fresher than this. You can also go spear fishing here if you like.

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# 7 Glass bottom boat

If your not the type of person who can easily get in the water with snorkelling gear you can always go on a glass bottom boat. There are daily tours where you can explore the underwater marine life while staying dry.

# 8 Party time in Trawangan

Trawangan has got a reputation for some serious partying, especially the full moon parties. Hit the Blue Marlin on Monday, Tir Na Nog on Wednesday and on Friday it’s Rudy’s. The island is really tranquil and has cheap accommodation PLUS it’s stunning and this has attracted the backpackers and budget travellers who like to do 1 thing….PARTY!! The full moon party is no where as big as the ones in Thailand but they can get very busy..BE WARNED!  Trawangan is geared towards a younger crowd, there are even party boats where you can get on and drink as much as you like for the price of the admission…back packer heaven!

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# 9 Sunset at View point

This is the highest part of the island and from here you can see all the way to Lombok and the famous Mt Rinjani, you  can even get a glimpse of Mt Agung in Bali if it’s clear enough.  Ideal for sunset watching and having a few cold Bintangs as the sun goes down

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# 10 Do nothing

This is easy. Grab a book and sit by your hotel pool or on your sarong at the beach and simply do nothing. This is what Gili Trawangan is perfect for. Lots of relaxation time.

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# 11 Horse ride on the beach

Another really cool activity to do. Try to do it when it’s late afternoon so you don’t get fried by the midday heat. Also, it’s great for a sunset ride as the horse is slowly walking on the waters edge.

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# 12 Hit the night markets for a cheap local dinner

At the boat pier on Gili Trawangan at around 5.30 pm the locals will set up food stalls every night where you can try some freshly cooked Indonesian food. They have almost anything here from Nasi Goreng, sates, to vegetarian delicacies. You can also get fresh fish cooked right in front of you. It’s a great night out and the big PLUS here is thats it’s so cheap. Those budget travellers should come here every night, although most local restaurants on Trawangan are fairly well priced.

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# 13 Open air cinema

On the main beach at Trawangan most nights there is an open air cinema on the beach. Chill out with a few mates and catch the latest pirated flick in the comfort of a lounge chair. A great alternative to hitting the bars.

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# 14 Get into your Yoga

There are a few yoga schools on Trawangan and your holiday time here is a great way to get back into practising your yoga or keeping it up. There are a few yoga retreats on the island as well where you can have an accommodation / yoga package.

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# 15 Get a tattoo

There is 1 tattoo studio here so if you are going to get it done this is a great place….although think about not being able to go in the water etc etc.

# 16 Have a massage

This is something that you should be doing daily. The prices for a great 1 hour massage are so cheap. They work out to be about $10 Australian which is really good value. Make sure this is on your daily schedule. There are hotels and resorts that will have their own day spas but you will have to pay a bit more for this. Go local, much cheaper and you get the same quality.

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