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Gili Trawangan is the largest of the three Gili Islands and the most frequently visited by tourists with a wide variety of accommodation options from backpacker & budget hotels, a large selection of mid range hotels, through to resort style hotels and luxury private villas that are right on the beach. There is something for everybody’s tastes and holiday budgets on Gili Trawangan.

Gili Trawangan attracts the majority of visitors, and most of them come by fast boat from Bali. It’s around a thirty minutes boat ride from the northwest mainland of Lombok and regular daily fast boats depart Bali directly to Trawangan island and all boats stop off at Teluk Nare on mainland Lombok as part of the return journey. This is about a 90 minute journey. You can be in Bali in the morning and relaxing by your hotel pool by lunch. This makes the whole Gili Islands a fantastic alternative to Bali and this is why they are now so popular.

Glistening white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters play the perfect stage to watch sunsets over Bali’s Mt Agung and sunrise over Lombok’s Mt Rinjani. Trawangan is absolutely stunning, with beautiful beaches, unbelievable marine life, top scuba diving sites and of course great beach front hotels, villas and resorts where you can really relax, unwind and enjoy some serious downtime.

It was only in the last thirty years that the Gili’s were really discovered by people from Bali. It was only a matter of time before the more adventurous backpacker types discovered the islands and developed Trawangan into the ‘go to’, tourist hub island of the Gili’s. This is where it’s all happening and this is where you are going to find the very best hotels, here online.

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Gili Trawangan is now considered one of the most popular holiday destinations in the region, suitable for families, groups, couples, back packers, honeymooners and people of all ages. Various new hotels, luxury villas, and boutique bungalows now cater to children as well and offer really good value.

gili trawangan hotels

One of the most appealing things about the Gili’s is the fact that there is no cars permitted other than the fast boats and smaller boats that ferry guests between the islands. Bicycles, pony carts known as Cidomos and by foot are the only means of getting around the islands. This simply adds to the tranquility and serenity of the place.

The two main stretches of beach on the island are ‘Goodheart’ and ‘North Beach’ where you will find fantastic snorkeling and it is possible to walk around the entire island along the beach which will take around 2 hours.

All dive centres and many shack operations lining the beaches rent snorkelling equipment but beware of strong currents and do not attempt to swim between any of the islands.

The Gili’s feature more than twenty-five dive sites situated around the three islands so no matter where you stay your more than likely to visit the other islands at some stage.

Gili Trawangan boasts the most facilities of the three islands and the each of the dive schools use traditional outrigger boats to ferry divers offshore to the walls and reefs where the best diving is to be found.

It’s not just diving on the Gili’s, travelers can enjoy perfect sunbathing conditions and the array of bars where you can order your favorite cocktails or maybe just an ice cold beer and watch the legendary sunsets on the beach.

If fishing is your thing, then the local outrigger fishing boats provide day trips where you can try your skills at deep sea fishing and trawling.

The Gili Eco Trust has set up an environmental project that facilitates the construction of artificial metal reef cages. These reef cages encourage coral regeneration and are a natural attraction for all forms of marine life. There is a specialized PADI course where divers can learn more about this project.

If you are thinking about spending some time on Gili Trawangan it is advisable to book your holiday accommodation well in advance as most of the popular resorts and bungalows get booked out well in advance.

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