Gili Meno

Snorkel, fishing, swim, relax, hang out with friends, finish that book, eat great food, appreciate the marine life …it’s about chilling out out here.

If your coming to Gili Meno and expecting a hectic busy, actioned packed time, forget about it, your on the wrong island. Best head back to the party, busier scene at Trawangan. People, tourist, back packers, families and travellers all come to Meno for one things and that’s to basically do nothing.

Gili Meno is about a 15 minutes boat ride from Gili Trawangan and most people are here to either get away from the madness on Trawangan (this can happen with all the parties), or they have had a couple of days in Bali and want to have some real down time on their holiday.

Only 2 km long and 1 wide, Gili Meno is the smallest of Trawangan & Air and is therefore the least populated and less developed. If you have the energy you can foot it around the whole island just after breakfast and be back in time for lunch.

This means that there is not much to do on Meno except grab a sarong, pick up your book and hit the beach. This is what people want and the island is pretty much a chill out zone. A good tip here is to make sure that you bring a snorkel and some fins as you are going to be doing a lot of snorkelling every day. The marine life and under water world is teeming with tropical fish, mantas and turtles.

Most people are staying in bungalow accommodation on the beach so it’s really a matter of swim, snorkel, sleep, eat, relax and do this on a repeat cycle. Absolute BLISS!

Scuba Diving

If you love the water then Meno is heaven. Make sure you go for a scuba dive and you can rent all your equipment at: Blue Marlin Dive and Divine Divers ( where you can stay as well – this is perfect if you want to stay at the scuba diving centre, this means you get 2 dives per day). The waters here are  pristine, clean and visibility is fantastic which means you get to see all those wonderful fish and turtles.

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Boat Trip

If you get bored laying on the beach and feel like seeing what’s out there on the ocean, then the Blue Ocean Boat Trip will take you out either in a glass bottom boat where you don’t have to get wet or they will organise a fishing charter for you. Here you can do anything from spearfishing, trawling or handline fishing. A great day out and a good way to see the marine life.



Dolphin Trips

See dolphins in their natural environment. Daily boat trips leave from Meno at about 6 am ( yes it’s early but you get to see a fantastic sunrise on the ocean), and generally last 2.5-3.5 hours. You need this time to find the dolphins and spend some time with them.

That’s about all there is to do on Gili Meno. You are on the island for a reason so don’ try to rush things and expect that you will be busy the whole time because you won’t. Sleep in, eat healthy food, recharge the batteries before heading back home. This is what Meno is designed for… a total body detox and rejuvenation.