Gili Air

Restaurants and nightlife on Gili Air. Believe it or not there are some cool little restaurants and bars on Gili Air where you can have a great meal and enjoy some ice cold Bintangs. There are even some party nights for backpackers.

Dining out at restaurants on Gili Air is just as chilled out as everything else on the island. A classic Gili Air lunch or dinner consists of freshly caught fish that is cooked right in front of you on a BBQ at one of the local restaurants, or warungs on the beach. It’s that simple.

Following are some great restaurants you might like to try out on your visit to Gili Air.


Part of the Blue Dive Marine Resort this healthy restaurant serves food the whole day fro hungry divers and guests. There is a bar area that serves fresh smoothies and juices and at the end of the day at sunset time, you can grab a cold Bintang, watch the sunset. A very relaxed vibe.

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Bel Air Restaurant and Bar

A great resort where there is a restaurant and bar on the beach front. Dine al fresco and enjoy fresh seafood. Ideal fro a romantic dinner in a very cosy atmosphere.

Warung Gili

Indonesian warungs are restaurants run by locals and this is where you are going to get great Indonesian food at really cheap prices. Nasi Goreng, Nasi Campur, Sates, everything you could want is here at this great little warung. The great part about this warung is that it’s in a central location next to Scallywags Mango retreat. It’s not the easiest place to find so you may have to ask some locals.

The very famous Scallywags

Scallywags is really a popular restaurant as people come here for the name. It’s well known all over the 3 Gili Islands. The food is served in a beach side location and you wil be paying slightly more because of the Scallywags name and reputation. The beach location is really stunning so the food comes secondary, Make sure you are here for cocktail hour at sunset. There is free Wifi for all guests.

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Chill Out Bar

The chill out bar is an intimate restaurant where most nights they put on a beach side BBQ where they prepare and cook the freshest seafood on the island. There is also Indonesian dishes as well as Western style food if you have had too much Indonesian cuisine. Come here at about 5 pm for a sunset drink and then settle in for the evening. It’s really all about being relaxed here and having a meal on the beach in a no frills be yourself style. Just great food in a top location.

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Gili Air Santay Restaurant

Fancy some Thai food in a really chilled out beach side setting. There are even hammocks where you can have a quick nap while they prepare delicious curries, sates and other Thai goodies.

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The Beach Club Restaurant and Bar Gili Air

You cannot get any more laid back than this place. They even have bean bags where you can sleep after your meal. This is what’s so great about Gili Air. The atmosphere is just so unpretentious and relaxed. Plus the food is really tasty and well priced for those on a budget.

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Mirage Coffee Bar

At the northern beach area of Gili Air you will find a great cafe which serves tasty sandwiches and home made fresh breads. Being on the beach, it’s ideal for the mandatory sunset watch and beer or two in the evening where you can also have dinner.

Gili Air bars and nightlife

Legend Bar

Everyone seems to somehow like reggae music when they are on a tropical island and this is why the Legend Bar is so popular. It also plays current music and in the peak holiday periods it puts on beach parties every Wednesday. A pretty laid back bar but it does attract a crowd. Basically because the nightlife options on Gili Air are so limited.

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Zipp Bar

Zipp Bar is a restaurant but  it is also the place to party on Gili Air. In peak season time there are beach party’s and this place actually gets really busy. On top of this they throw a legendary full moon party once a month. If you want to party the whole night and dance to trance music then make sure you are here when they throw the full moon party. This proves there is nightlife on Gili Air for those people who think there isn’t anything to do at night.

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Star bar

This is where all the dive instructors and ex pats meet and is their favourite drinking place. On the best, very chilled and great for a cold beer at the end of the day.