Gili Air

Great things to do on Gili Air. Swim, snorkel, enjoy the marine life, go for a scuba dive and read that book. Gili Air is about the ocean, tropical waters and seeing who can spot the sea turtle first.

Following is a list of great activities to help you get the most out of your holiday stay on Gili Air.

Manta Dive Gili Air

If you are into scuba diving then this is the place to head to. manta Dive is the premier dive school and equipment hire spot on Gili Air. There is also on site accommodation which means you can stay at the dive resort. This is perfect if you want to 2 or more dives in a day. Plus it’s so handy.

If you are not already PADI certified then Manta Dive has instructors that can help train you up to open water certificate level. Manta Dive is the Winner of the TripAdvsior 2015 traveller’s choice award, so you know it has to be good. If you are with a partner who dives and you don’t you can always go snorkelling around the area as it has some amazing local sites where there is an abundance of great marine life. This way you don’t feel left out.

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The reef is where you are going to find all those beautiful tropical fish. It runs along the coastline and past all the main resorts, hotels and villas. All you need to do is rent a mask a set of fins and go for it. If you are a novice, you might want to go out with a buddy to keep an eye out for you. Snorkelling is fun, cheap and is what you come to the Gili Islands for. Do it everyday, explore different parts of the reef, see new fish, try to swim with the turtles and enjoy what nature is providing you. You will absolutely love snorkelling on Gili Air.

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Get into some Yoga & Pilates

Gili Air is the perfect place to stretch you muscles, tone your body, get healthy and do some yoga practice. A late afternoon or early morning session is ideal. Try the H20 Yoga and Meditation Centre. Classes are 2 times per day and they also offer massage treatments and mediation sessions. There is bungalow style accommodation at the Centre as well so it’s very much like a Yoga retreat.

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Learn how to Free Dive

Apnea Total Gili Free diving School is where you can learn and master the technique of free diving. Courses are run from beginners to advanced. If you have never tried this before it’s well worth it as once you get the knack of it you will be able to see so much more under water. It’s all about relaxation an control and there could be no better place to learn this art than here on Gili Air.

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Boat Tours

There are a few boat tours that will take you out between the islands to go exploring and throw in some time where you can have a snorkel. It’s a great way to see more of the marine life rather than what’s local near your beach front hotel.

Indonesian Cooking Classes

In between sun baking and diving you may want to learn how tro cook some of those tasty Indonesian dishes you have been eating on Gili Air. Try the Gili Cooking Classes as there are 3 classes daily and they are all conducted in English. Chefs are all very experienced and cater for all levels and abilities. This is a great way to learn something new and spend a couple of afternoons away from the beach.

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

This relatively new sport has really taken off and Gil Air is the perfect place to hire a SUP, go paddling around the area and seeing things from a different perspective. It takes a while to get the hang of iot and once you have your balance you can go cover quite a bit of territory on the water. See marine life, get wet, have fun, go for a snorkel, get fit and enjoy this new sport. Once you start this you will probably want to do it for a couple of hours every day. It’s great for toning the body as well.

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Day Spas

Pamper your body, spoil yourself and even have a massage. There are a few day spas on Gili Air and when it’s too hot to lay on the beach, this is the best thing you can do. PLUS it’s really cheap compared to what you would pay back home. There are 2 main spas on Air so you may need to book in your daily time slot so you don’t miss out on that wonderful massage experience.

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Shark Diving

If you want to see reef sharks then Gili Air is going to provide some great underwater pics on your GoPRo of these shy fish. You will need to be PADI certified and if your not then the Manta Dive School can train you up.

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There is obviously other activities you can do but they are really all centred around the water. Gili Air is really for divers and lovers of marine life, the ocean and being in or very close to the water. If you find that you are getting bored of all the water, the ocean, sea life and relaxation and need some other activities to keep you entertained it might be a good time to look at leaving Gili Air and heading off to Bali or Lombok.