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Enjoy the chilled out, very mellow and slow pace of Gili Air…. nothing to do except relax, read, snorkel, yoga & go swimming. Absolute BLISS in tropical paradise!

Gili Air is the closest of the three islands to Lombok. Many back packers and couples choose Gili Air as it is less developed and gives that feeling of a real island escape. The island is the most permanently populated by locals with a population of approximately 1,800.

The majority of accommodation coupled with tourist attractions is located on the south east coast of the island looking back to Lombok. A walking path extends around the perimeter of the island and will take around 90 minutes to circumnavigate the entire island.

Gili Air offers less in terms of the number of accommodation options compared to Trawangan and Meno. Budget accommodation options include Abdi Fantastic, Chill Out Bungalows, Coconut Cottages, Gili Air Santay, Kira Kira, Mawar, Nusa Tiga, Risota, Sasak Home stay and Si Putung Village.

Mid range accommodation options include Corner Bungalows, Hotel Gili Air, Manta Bungalows, Matahari Bungalows, Scallywags Mango Retreat, Sejuk Cottages, Sunrise Resort, Turtle Beach Hotel, Unzipp Bungalows, Villa Karang and Grand Sunset. If you’re looking for more comfortable accommodation then check out The Waterfront Bungalows or Villa Casa Mio.

If you plan to go diving then Gili Air can cater for you every need with 6 dive centers operating on the island with a complete selection of PADI and SSI dive courses. If your keen to learn or looking to further existing qualifications then Gili Air is perfect as you won’t be distracted by the partying on Gili Trawangan. Some of the dive centers you can attend include Blue Marine Dive, Dream Divers, Gili Air Divers, Manta Dive, Oceans 5 Dive, Gili Air and Scallywag Divers.

Free diving classes are also available, experienced instructors will teach you the skills of learning to hold your breath for extended periods. By applying the correct techniques, together with informative theory and practical water sessions, you can experience new sensations and realise the natural ability of the human body to dive to depths you previously thought impossible.

Gili Air does have a little known surf break called `Play gili’, not overly consistent but sometimes produces some quality surf. The right hander breaks over a sharp coral reef making it suitable for more advanced surfers.

The east coast provides the best place for swimming with the sand giving way to a coral reef table and is perfectly safe provided you don’t adventure into the channel beyond.

You can walk around the entire island on foot in around two and a half hours but be sure to pack some supplies as you’re heading well off the beaten track. As with Gili Meno the pace of life is slow and peaceful to those who really want to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

If you need cash don’t worry there are 2 ATM’s, one a CIMB Bank is located 5 mins east of the ferry arrival area and the second on the same track just past the Turtle Beach Hotel. If you need to change money head to the Oseana shop located in the Harbour. Oseana shop will change a lot of different currencies.

A few boat services provide direct transport to Gili Air including Amed Sea Express, a fast boat service departing from Amed on Bali’s East Coast. Scoot Cruises departs from Sanur, Bali and stops in Lembongan, Lombok and Gili Air. Two other operators, Kudahitam and Semaya also stop at Gili Air.

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Public boats, shuttle boats and charter boats all leave from Bangsal, Lombok. A limited formal Island hopping boat service is provided by Koperasi Angkutan Laut Karya Bahari, this is the same local koperasi (maritime transport co-operative) that provides the Public Boat ferry service from Lombok.

Gili Air doesn’t have the same party atmosphere as Gili Trawangan however there are still places where you can let your hair down. Gili Air usually has one party a week rotating at different bars during the peak season only. Every Wednesday the Legend Bar with a reggae theme holds a party from 10pm until late. The Star Bar is commonly frequented by expat dive instructors and their students, offering lunch and dinner. Zipp runs from 7am until late and is often the most happening bar on Gili Air. Well known for great cocktails and hip chill out music, Mirage Bar offers great sunset views across to Gili Meno, Trawangan and Bali.

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