Best Scuba Diving Sites on the Gili Islands

The Gili Islands are famous for a couple of things but probably the best thing it’s known for is it’s unbelievably awesome Scuba Diving. The waters here are magical and the visibility is sensational. Plus you don’t have to wear a wet suit as the water is bath warm.

All 3 of the Gili Islands; Trawangan, Meno & Air have excellent scuba diving spots and following is a list of the best ones you should really visit.

Most of the dive schools will take you out to their preferred dive spots but this will give  you a clearer idea of what you can expect.

In terms of diving the whole place is awesome.There’s so much to see on the reef, with big drop offs where you can drift down the face and see all kinds of marine plant and sea life. You will also see heaps of turtles, eels, white tip sharks and so much more. If you have an underwater camera or GoPro, bring it!

1. Deep Halik, This is a great spot for drift diving and along the way you are going to spot some sharks after about 25m. Your dive school can organise the drift session for you.

2. Deep Turbo, once you hit 25m plus, there’s so much marine life, including a variety of sea fans. This place does pick up a lot of currents so it’s a bit of a mixed bag here, where anything can come into view – well worth it for intermediate to advanced divers.

3. Hans Reef, if you are staying on Gili Air, this is a great reef area. Lot’s of small fish and coral formation where you can explore an area and see the whole marine ecosystem.

4. Japanese Wreck, at over 40m deep, this Japanese wreck is for the experienced only. Wreck diving is fantastic and its probably one of the best dives you can do. Make sure you do this even if you are on the other islands of Trawangan or Air.

5. Shark Point,make sure this is the DIVE YOU DO! It’s the most popular and spectacular dive in the Gili’s and the reason is you get to see sharks, mantas and turtles. Most dive schools will go here.

6. Simon’s Reef  a well established reef and it’s in pristine condition, so it’s idea for all levels of scuba ability. There can be a bit of a current here depending on tides etc so be careful.

7. Sunset (Manta Point), it’s a deep sloping reef area where things really start to happen after the 15 m mark – great for all levels of experience. There is heaps of colourful coral here for all those under water snaps.

These are just a few of the best scuba spots. On the day of the dive these may change as you have to take everything into account such as weather and water condition as well as tides.